55% of all medication sold globally, are addressed for Cancer, Inflammation & Chronic Pain.

Many pharmaceutical companies are trying to solve these problems – But it is not working.

Cannabotech is a biotech company aiming to develop medical therapies for Cancer, Chronic Pain & Inflammation, using botanicals like Cannabis & Medicinal Mushrooms.

We believe the Traditional Healthcare approach must be re-thought.

Our Vision is To Prevent more than 25% of all indication before they even happened, and for those, we cannot prevent developing medical treatments with R&D procedures of only 1-2 years & $5-10M.

We take advantage of the lenient medical-cannabis regulations, the technological breakthroughs of cloud-based computing (AI, Machine learning, Data Science), and the COVID19 pandemic, which emphasizes the need for breaking the conventional paradigms.

We use state-of-the-art technologies to collect our patient’s Physical body parameters, Diagnose them via our Algorithms, and use the results for illness prevention & personal treatments.